Useful and/or Favoured Links

Following are some sites which I find useful and/or amusing, listed in no particular order. Descriptions for the content of the sites are provided and the site will open in a new window.

Herzing College

Winnipeg campus of Herzing College, my most recent and future employer. They offer a range of vocational programs in Winnipeg as well as many other centres in North America.

World Wide Web Consortium

The World Wide Web Consortium is the closest thing to a governing body for the Web. They provide direction for browser manufacturers and take requests from companies and individuals developing technologies for the Web.


Where else can you find the real-life equivalent of Cletus, the Slack-Jawed Yokel, arguing global warming with a Yale professor? Wonderful collection of bizarre news stories being discussed by an extremely varied audience.

Monsters in Motion

Outlet for horror, science fiction, and fantasy models and other paraphenalia.

Fiddler’s Green

The largest collection of paper models available on the Web. Everything from planes to lighthouses, all downloadable, all paper, all the time.