Gallery Title

This area contains several sections which display examples of my work in various fields. I can produce work in a variety of analog media as well as a range of digital formats. The buttons above are used to show examples within each area.

Paintings - This section includes examples of my science fiction/fantasy paintings as well as some of my landscapes.

Design - This area shows examples of my graphic design including logos, layouts, business cards, and posters.

Flash - This section of the gallery displays examples of my work using Macromedia Flash. Included are downloadable tutorials for creating the Hangman and Saucer Attack games.

Models - This area contains pictures of my scale models and figures. For quotes on assembling and/or painting a model, refer to the form in the Contact section of this site.

Sewing - This page shows photographs of clothing, costumes, draperies, and examples of my sewing.

Sketches - These are a few images from my sketchbooks of various subjects and media.